The Palm Beach Book Store
Duane Hampton – Art of Friendship
Frank McKinney – Make It Big
Suzanne Tennenbaum – The Jeweled Menagerie

Past Author Events
Jack Staub – Private Edens
Eben Alexander, M.D. – Proof of Heaven
David Nasaw – The Patriarch
Mario Nievara – Forever Green
Senator Marco Rubio – An American Son
Annie Falk – Palm Beach Entertaining
Megan Mulry – A Royal Pain
Daphne Nikoloplus – The Tenth Saint
Dyan Cannon – Dear Cary
Ellen Graham – Talking Pictures
Marc Rosen – Glamour Icons
William Fritz – Thy Will Be Done
Regis Philbin – How I Got This Way
Priscilla Rattazzi – Luna + Lola
Nancy Brinker – Promise Me
Jamee Gregory – New York Parties
Bill Secord – The American Dog At Home
Judy Schrafft – Visa Required
Christopher Lawford – Symptoms of Withdrawal
Christopher Plummer – In Spite of Myself
George Hamilton – Don’t Mind if I Do
Meryl Gordon – Mrs. Astor Regrets
Wendy Victor – The Luminous Heart
Robert Forbes – Beastly Feasts
Frank McKinney –  Maverick Approach to Real Estate
Carol Tannenbaum – Fabulous Fakes
John Loring – Tiffany’s Palm Beach
Jeff Smith – Palm Beach Splendor
Jamee Gregory – New York Apartments
Pete Hamill – Downtown, My Manhattan
Eric Carl – Mister Sea Horse
Kevin Phillips – American Dynasty
Carol Ann Lee – Hidden Life of Otto Frank
Phyllis George – Never Say Never
Harry Benson – 50 Years in Photography
Nicholas Sparks – A Walk to Remember
Sue Miller – While I Was Gone
Sally Bedell Smith – Diana In Search of Herself
Flora Miller Biddle – That Whitney Woman
Isaac Stern – My First 79 Years
Ellen Graham – The Bad and the Beautiful
Bill Minutaglio – First Son – George W. Bush
Richard Z. Chesnoff – Pack of Thieves
Rich Cohen – Tough Jews
Sue Miller – While I Was Gone
Judy Straight – Other Places
Alan Davis – Fun Also Rises
Dominick Dunne – Another City Not My Own
Donald Trump – The Art of the Come Back
Chris Maden – A Room of Her Own
Tina Flaherty – Savvy Woman’s Success Guide
Gerry Spence – Making of a Country Lawyer
Brian Weiss – Only Love Is Real
Carol Saline – Sisters
John Flemming – Barefoot Mailman
Julie Russo – Fresh Start
James Grippando – The Informant
Lawrence Leamer – Kennedy Women
Robert Lacey – Grace
Audrey Meadows – Love Alice
Amanda Smith – Hostage of Fortune
James Patterson – Jack and Jill
Bob Woodward – Maestro
Carol Higgins-Clark – Fleeced
Lawrence Leamer – Kennedy Men
Peter Kurth – Isadora
David McCullough – John Adams
Christopher Hitchens – Letters to a Young Contrarian
Alfred Lewis – Ladies and Not So Gentlewomen
Rich Cohen  - The Avengers